Entrance Renovations

Beyond the mechanical and electrical work that goes into modernizing your elevator, we also provide renovations to each floor’s entrance-way. This includes durable high level painted finishes on elevator doors and entrance frames.

Micro Processor Controls

Control of the elevator car shall be automatic in operation by means of a push-button in the car marked for each landing level served, and one button at each landing, wherein all stops registered by the momentary pressure of landing, or car buttons are made irrespective of the number of buttons pressed, or of the sequence in which the buttons are pressed. The car shall stop at all landings for which buttons have been pressed making the stops in the order in which the landings are reached, after the buttons have been pressed, but irrespective of its direction of travel. An emergency stop switch shall be provided in the car push-button station, which when in the off position will render the elevator inoperative and which will enable attendant or passenger to stop the car at any point during its travel. Opening of this switch shall not cancel registered calls, and when the switch is closed, the car will continue to answer calls that have been registered. Each landing station shall contain a “car registered” signal light to indicate that a call has been registered to bring the car to that particular landing. A time delay, noninterference feature shall be incorporated in the control mechanism to allow ample time for opening and closing car and hoistway door, before car is again placed in motion.

Landing System

The landing system shall provide stepping, leveling and door zone signals. Each output signal shall be electrically isolated and shall be capable of reliably operating up to 120 V AC. The system shall consist of a steel tape with mounting hardware to accommodate the complete travel of the elevator, a car top assembly with tape guides and sensors, and magnetic strips for stepping, leveling and optional floor encoding.

Door Operators

We will furnish and install one (1) new power door operator on top of the car, to provide automatic door operation as described below.

This unit is ruggedly constructed on a reversing motor, which allows power to be applied to the closed door. Operating limit switches are closed doors. Operating limit switches are enclosed within the power box with concealed and protected control wiring. All our operators are solid-state to provide consistent high performance.

The operator works on a crank principle – that is, one half revolution of the crank will either open or close the door. In this manner, the motion of the door is clearly defined.

Inspection Stations

Furnish and install a car top inspection unit to facilitate operating of elevator by inspector or mechanic from the top of car on “inspection” speed.

Electrical Traveling Cables

Type E.T.T. (Poly vinyl Chloride Jacketed) traveling cables will be provided and adjusted to relieve the strain on copper conductors. Travelers will be hung so that a proper size loop is obtained. All new traveling cables installed will comply with NFPA Standards. Traveling cables and associated wiring going to the control equipment, car-operating panels, groups of conductors, etc. will contain at least 10% spare conductors. Each traveling cable conductor will have a color coated outer insulating covering for proper identification .

Tracks and Hangers

We will furnish and install a new car door track properly secured to the existing header plate and new hangers and rollers on car door for smooth door operation.

Infra-Red Detector Edge

We will provide an effective obstruction detector designed to replace the safety edge/electric eye combination on power driven elevator doors. The high density ( 64 beams) of the beam pattern essentially gives continuous protection from approximately Yi inch above floor level to a height of six feet. The maximum operating range (door opening width) is in excess of twenty feet, thus providing overage for virtually all doors.

Hall Push-button Station

A push-button station will be provided at each landing. Intermediate landings will have “UP” and “DOWN” buttons, and the terminal landings will have single buttons.

Auto Dial Emergency Phone

An emergency stop switch, alarm button, fan switch and light switch and will incorporate a new hands-free phone communication system, which is push-button operated, with an automatic programmed number dialer, complete with automatic shutoff. The internal speaker microphone and amplifier clearly transmits the voices of those on both ends of the call.

This vandal resistant unit eliminates the need for a hinged cover phone box. The internal speaker microphone eliminates the need for the easily vandalized external handset. We will provide the necessary hoistway electrical pipe and wiring from the unit to a location immediately outside the hoistway for a connection by the telephone installer.

ADA Compliance

All elevator installs and modernizations comply with all guidelines found here:

International Union Of Elevator ConstructorsNational Association of Elevator ContractorsAssociated Builders and ContractorsCertified Elevator Technician